Will's Vegan Zip Heels - Women's Heels

Sale $109.95
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Sale $109.95
(Save 15%)

Product Description

Will's Vegan Zip Heels - Stylish and Sustainable Dress Shoes for Women

You'll forget about all other shoes the moment you lay your eyes on the amazing Will's Vegan Zip Heels. This synthetic shoe is tailored to perfection with suede, making it extremely aesthetically-pleasing and stylish. You can adorn this gorgeous shoe with various clothes to add some much-needed zest to certain outfits. Will's Vegan is a company that has been offering sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, including vegan shoes and clothing, since 2012. It is an award-winning PETA-approved company that only follows ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free practices. Will's Vegan offers a variety of eco-friendly and carbon-neutral shoes, including the brilliant Will's Vegan Zip Heels. This fantastic shoe is responsibly-sourced; it is produced by taking environmental and social factors into account when managing supplier relationships. Moreover, this shoe is also produced with recycled vegan materials, making them the most environmentally-friendly choice.

That's not all! Not only is this heel sustainable, but it also comes with some great foot comfort features that allow you to be on your feet all-day long! The Will's Vegan Zip Heels come with an anti-microbial lining that prevents foot diseases and infections and ensures clean and healthy feet. Moreover, you don't have to worry about sweaty or smelly feet anymore! The breathable structure of the Zip Heels promotes aeration inside the shoe, keeping foot odor at bay. Even though this dress shoe features a lifted heel, you shouldn't expect any discomfort or pain. Featuring a zipper, the Will's Vegan Zip Heels are very convenient and easy to wear, while ensuring a perfect fit. Not only is the suede material of this shoe stain-resistant, but it is also waterproof and quick-dry so you don't have to worry about dirtying it. All in all, the Will's Vegan Zip Heels offer the perfect package –sustainability, style and comfort!

  • Anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections and ensures healthy, clean feet
  • Breathable structure to promote aeration inside the shoe and keep foot odor at bay
  • Ethically made in Italy under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law
  • Created with Italian vegan leather made with plants using bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe in a carbon neutral process
  • Durable, grippy rubber outsoles with wood effect heels
  • Put these boots on and take them off with ease using the full length inside zip
  • Cushioning non crush down insoles made with recycled rubber
  • This footwear is water resistant. This means it can be worn in light rain, puddles, wet grass, light snow and you will have dry feet.
  • Stain-resistant - the materials we use do not get ruined when they are wet and do not stain. Do not worry if you get them covered in mud. They will not even be damaged by road salt and slush in winter.
  • Heel Height: 3 inches


  • A Anti-Microbial
  • B Breathable
  • L Lifted Heel
  • W Waterproof
  • Z Zipper


  • C Carbon Neutral
  • E Eco Friendly
  • R Recycled Materials
  • R Responsibly Sourced
  • V Vegan

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