Will's Vegan - Men's Work Boots

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Sale $149.95
(Save 21%)

Product Description

Will's Vegan Work Boots - Sturdy Vegan Boots for Men

Searching for the ideal pair of comfortable, vegan and sturdy boots to get you through a long day of work? We have got just what you're looking for! The Will's Vegan Work Boots are the best earth-friendly boots out there. These are eco-friendly and carbon-neutral shoes that are responsibly-sourced; produced by taking environmental and social factors into account when managing supplier relationships. This shoe is also produced with vegan and recycled materials in a zero carbon emission process. These fantastic boots are made with Italian vegan leather that is obtained from plants. While its outsoles are made sturdy rubber, its insoles are made recycled rubber.

The leather of the Will's Vegan Work Boots is not only breathable, but also water resistant. This boot doesn't get spoilt or stain when it gets wet; it rather performs great in wet and muddy conditions. Moreover, its water resistant material allows you to wear it for certain time periods in the rain, and also allows you to walk through puddles or wet grass. Even though these shoes aren't insulated, you can still rely on them to keep your feet comfortable in colder temperatures, given that you wear thick socks. The anti-microbial lining of these shoes prevents the occurrence of foot diseases and infections, ensuring that your feet remain clean and healthy. Also, the breathable structure of these durable boots also promotes aeration inside the shoe and keeps foot odor at bay. All in all, with some incredible features and enhanced durability, the Will's Vegan Work Boots really are one of a kind!

  • Anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections to ensure healthy, clean feet
  • Breathable structure to promote aeration inside the shoe and keep foot odor at bay
  • Ethically made in Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law
  • Comfort recycled rubber insoles that do not compact over time
  • Cushioned heels offer extra support to the rear of your feet while keeping heels soft and supple
  • Created with Italian vegan leather made with plants
  • Breathable and water resistant
  • Deep tread sturdy rubber outsoles
  • Cushioning non crush down insoles made with recycled rubber


  • A Anti-Microbial
  • B Breathable
  • C Cushioned Heel


  • C Carbon Neutral
  • E Eco Friendly
  • L Low Carbon
  • R Recycled Materials
  • R Responsibly Sourced
  • V Vegan

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