TOMS not only produces stylish, high quality footwear for men and women, but they do so while committing to sustainable and forward-thinking business practices and manufacturing. TOMS is a Certified B Corp which means they are legally committed to factor in the impact their company has on workers, customers, suppliers and the environment. On top of that, TOMS gives at least 1/3 of their profits to their grassroots efforts including community projects, mental health programs, social justice support and more!

In terms of sustainability, TOMS has several goals in place to minimize their impact on the planet. TOMS is setting the goal of 100% sustainable cotton by 2025 and to continually measure and reduce their overall carbon impact. This is in addition to their 100% sustainably packaging made with at least 80% recyclable material. Their footwear materials include REPREVEŽ polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, dyes with natural botanicals, organic cotton, and additional materials derived from wood pulp, sugarcane, help and more! Shop TOMS shoes today to find the perfect shoe and start the journey to a brighter future!
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