Dr's Remedy Foot Care

Shop Dr.'s Remedy Toxin Free Nail Polish for Women and Children available at Earth Friendly Shoes. This vegan nail polish has the APMA seal of approval and is formulated and sold by doctors who stand by it. This is a great option for those sensitive to harsh chemicals or anyone concerned about what they put on their body. Dr's Remedy is always looking towards the future.

Dr's Remedy vegan nail polish comes in a wide selection of vibrant colors. Dr's Remedy foot care also includes a healthy nail polish remover that doesn't contain acetone or other dangerous chemicals found in many popular nail polish removers. As well as moisturizing and hydrating treatment products that will give a strong, healthy glow even to brittle nails. Shop Dr.'s Remedy nail polish and Drs Remedy foot care today to keep your nails in great shape and provide the important vitamins to enhance the health of your nails.
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