Arcopedico Shoes

Arcopédico is an eco-friendly shoe brand committed to supporting the health of the environment while continuing to provide high quality, stylish and supportive footwear. Arcopédico shoes are certified biodegradable, even down to the packaging of the shoes. Arcopedicos commitment to environmentally sustainable footwear leaves you feeling good about the shoes you wear. Arcopedico shoes are made in a variety of materials that are washable and retain their stylish looks. Shop all Arcopedico brand shoes today to find your perfect style!
Designed to meet the style, comfort, and sustainability demands of eco-conscious shoppers, Arcopedico Shoes come in diverse styles and fits. Whether you are looking for boots, flats, Mary Janes, oxfords, or slip-ons, you'll find a new level of comfortable eco-friendly shoes in the Arcopedico line.

Beloved by those with a lot of walking and standing ahead of them, the design of this footwear is intended to weigh less and support more.

And while they're helping you feel better, they're helping the earth as well. Arcopedico footwear is a line of biodegradable shoes. When you're in the market for eco-friendly, sustainable, and occasionally vegan shoes, look no further than Arcopedico's chic line of comfort-driven footwear.

What makes Arcopedico shoes so good for you and the environment?

Barefoot Design: The upper sections of the Arcopedico shoes are meant to free your foot while keeping it in place against supportive arch material. These uppers are made of a variety of comfortable, close-fitting materials including knit nylon, Elstech®, leather, and Lycra®.

Polyurethane Arch Supports: This resilient but supportive material is part of the patented design in Arcopedico shoes. Instead of focusing your body weight on one part of the foot such as the heel or ball, these double arch-support insoles spread the weight across their surface for more comfort.

Biodegradable: Shoes are notorious for taking a long time to break down when disposed of, but not Arcopedico shoes. These shoes are certified biodegradable.

Anti-Bacterial: Some of the Arcopedico line have a built-in anti-bacterial design known as SanSmell™, which keeps your feet healthy even on long work or walking days.

Machine Washability: Several Arcopedico styles are machine washable. In the Classic Knit Line, SanSmell™ doubles with machine washability to keep these comfortable shoes clean and fresh. Extend the life of your shoes by washing away stains or odors.
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