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Acorn Shoes | Acorn House Shoes | Acorn Slippers

Get the best price on Acorn shoes and Acorn House Shoes at Earth Friendly Shoes! With a 100% price match guarantee, our savings are guaranteed. Acorn is an ethical shoe company that specializes in men’s slippers and women’s slippers, and they abide by one simple motto, “It's our job to leave this planet better than we found it.” Choose your favorite color and style, and get a pair of slippers that you can be proud of.

We have a large selection of Acorn Shoes, Acorn House Shoes and Acorn House Slippers.   Give them a try your feet and the planet will thank you!

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Acorn Brand Shoes Are Changing the Game

For over 40 years, Acorn shoes has been raising the bar for comfort and forward-thinking footwear innovation. The company first came to prominence in the early ‘80s with the invention of the original slipper sock. Now they offer a full array of slippers, slip-ons, thongs, clogs, house shoes, and other fine footwear.

If you’re passionate about vegan footwear, you can find 100% vegan slippers with no wool, suede, or other animal byproducts. If you’re concerned about waste, Acorn offers a full line of slippers made from recycled yarns and other recycled materials. If general sustainability is your passion, you can find sustainably certified women’s footwear and men’s footwear.

Shop Acorn House Shoes & More

At, we have Acorn varieties with adjustable straps, faux-fur linings, open backs, and more to suit every taste and sensibility. If you need extra arch support, a flexible outsole, a cushioned heel, or other comfort features, you can find it in our varied selection. Acorn takes comfort to the next level with innovations like the Acorn memory foam midsole, cozy microfleece lining, shock-absorbing EVA, and the use of breathable moisture-wicking materials. Many of their sandals are even machine-washable.

When you shop for Acorn shoes at, you get the benefit of free shipping, free exchanges, and easy returns. You can save even more when you join our rewards program. Browse the ultimate selection of house shoes and slippers, and experience the difference for yourself.

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