KLOGS Footwear Kennett - Women's Vegan Clog

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Sale $84.95
(Save 15%)

Product Description

KLOGS Footwear Kennett - Uber-Supportive Clogs for Women

If your job requires you to spend hours on your feet every day, then the KLOGS Footwear Kennett will give you all the foot support you need. The KLOGS Footwear Kennett is an amazing pair of shoes with some phenomenal qualities that provide your feet with optimal comfort. Moreover, they are a responsible and environmentally-friendly footwear choice. Manufactured with a single mold of polyurethane, the KLOGS Footwear Kennett are 100% vegan shoes. Additionally, these supportive orthopedic shoes are also completely earth-friendly. The KLOGS Footwear Kennett come with a TRUBase® Outsole with PURGrip® traction that work to protect you from slipping on wet or oily surfaces. Moreover, their TRUComfort® Insoles ensure superior arch support and heel cushioning. The KLOGS Footwear Kennett are tie-less shoes, making them extremely convenient to wear and take off. Moreover, their orthopedic feature helps alleviate painful foot conditions. These incredible shoes also feature an anti-microbial lining that prevent the occurrence of foot diseases and infections. The KLOGS Footwear Kennett also comes with an extra-depth feature that drastically improves foot support. Moreover, these shoes also feature a rounded toe-box that prevents toenail damage. Their flexible outsoles improve road traction while their polyurethane uppers make these shoes extremely easy and convenient to clean and wash. All in all, it is safe to say that the KLOGS Footwear Kennett are an amazing and earth-friendly footwear choice!

  • Arch supports provide improved cushioning and prevent the chances of flat feet
  • Contoured footbeds offer gel-like cushioning to maximize footwear comfort
  • Cushioned heels offer extra support to the rear of your feet while keeping heels soft and supple
  • Deep toe box offers an extra depth of comfort and keeps toes cozy and comfortable all day long
  • Heel counter that offers your feet support in the heel area and prevents over-pronation
  • Heel cup that enhances comfort and cushioning to the rear region of your feet
  • Removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics and alleviate painful foot conditions
  • Shock-absorbent feature that offers motion stability and feet protection from serious injuries
  • Soft uppers protect your skin from footwear abrasions and offer cushion-soft padding
  • Wide toe box gives you a lot of room to wiggle and move your toes


  • A Anti-Microbial
  • A Arch Support
  • C Contoured Footbed
  • C Cushioned Heel
  • D Deep Toe Box
  • E Extra Depth
  • F Flexible Outsole
  • H Heel Counter
  • H Heel Cup
  • M Machine Washable
  • N Non-Marking Sole
  • O Orthopedic
  • R Removable Footbed
  • R Rounded Toe Box
  • S Seamless Interior


  • V Vegan

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