Indosole ESSNTLS Slide - Men's Vegan Sandal

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Sale $64.95
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Product Description

Indosole Men's ESSNTLS Slide - Casual Vegan Sandals for Men

Looking for casual yet super-comfortable and supportive slides? Look no further than the Indosole Men's ESSNTLS Slides! The story behind all of Indosole shoes is a very interesting and inspiring one. This footwear brand aims at creating the best eco slides out there. For this purpose, they source the best, most environment-friendly materials, such as natural rubber. They also rely on their special recycled tire sole technology to create an impeccable range of slip-ons and sandals. This footwear is vegan, which means it has been manufactured without any animal products. Moreover, Indosole stakes an initiative in producing responsibly sourced footwear; it takes environmental and social factors when managing its supplier relationships. The Indosole Men's ESSNTLS Slides are also sustainably certified as its raw materials and produced without any chemicals or polluting processes. The most important fact about this incredible footwear is that it is 100% eco-friendly.The Indosole Men's ESSNTLS Slides are incredible and environment-friendly slides that look great with any casual outfit. Moreover, whether you are going to the beach, for a grocery run or grabbing a quick bite, this footwear is your best bet! Featuring great arch supports, the Indosole Men's ESSNTLS Slides not only provide your feet with improved cushioning but also prevent the chances of flat feet. Moreover, one of the best things about these slip-ons is that they are completely waterproof! So, what are you waiting for? Make the responsible choice for your feet and the environment by choosing the Indosole Men's ESSNTLS Slides!

  • Arch supports provide improved cushioning and prevent the chances of flat feet
  • Eco-friendly footwear that does not harm the planet
  • Vegan footwear that is manufactured without using any animal products
  • Waterproof


  • A Arch Support
  • W Waterproof


  • E Eco Friendly
  • R Recycled Materials
  • R Responsibly Sourced
  • S Sustainably Certified
  • V Vegan

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