Geox Nebula - Men's Athletic Shoe

Sale $99.95
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Sale $99.95
(Save 44%)

Product Description

Geox Nebula - Hi-Tech Eco-Friendly Sneakers for Men

The Geox Nebula is truly an iconic sneaker for men that not only comes with multiple earth-friendly features, but is also loaded with foot comfort features that will make you feel like you're walking on a cloud. Using advanced technology, the Geox Nebula is made of highly innovative environmentally-friendly uppers that are manufactured using recycled polyester. The material of the recycled upper makes for super-light and breathable construction. Moreover, this fantastic shoe is also uber eco-friendly as it is responsibly sourced; footwear that takes environmental and social factors into account when managing their relationship with suppliers. GEOX is dedicated to improving our world and has continually improved policies and practices to become safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly. This includes everything from having over 50% of their electricity coming from certified renewable soures, to ensuring that the materials used in their footwear is recycled to reduce waste. The Geox Nebula is both tie-less and stretchable, allowing you to conveniently slip them on without any extra effort. Featuring an anti-microbial lining, this shoe prevents foot diseases and infections to ensure clean and healthy feet. Smelly and sweaty feet should be far from your mind now! The amazing Geox Nebula has an ultra-breathable structure that promotes aeration inside the shoe and keeps foot odor at bay. With cushioned heels that offer extra support to the rear of your feet, these sneakers keep your heels soft and supple. The Geox Nebula also comes with a shock-absorbent feature that offers motion stability and protects your feet from serious injuries. All in all, the Geox Nebula is an ultra-cool pair of eco-friendly sneakers that are guaranteed to give your feet the support they need when walking, running or exercising! Breathable structure to promote aeration inside the shoe and keep foot odor at bay Cushioned heels offer extra support to the rear of your feet while keeping heels soft and supple Shock-absorbent feature that offers motion stability and offers your feet protection from serious injuries A more efficient manufacturing process that reduces environmental impact by processing waste products for reuse. compliance to all the local regulations concerning chemicals and hazardous substances, waste management, water and air emission management Geox conducts a test protocol to verify compliance with local laws and our code of conduct in three main areas: Environmental impact, Social impact, and Safety Manufactured in accordance with the policies of the Leather Working Group, a group that promotes the adoption of sustainable and responsible practices. Shoe Composition Upper: 84% Leather, 16% Textile, Lining: 76% Textile, 17% Leather, 7% Synthetic Outsole: 100% Rubber Insole: 100% Leather


  • A Anti-Microbial
  • B Breathable
  • C Cushioned Heel
  • S Shock Absorbing
  • S Stretchable
  • T Tie-Less


  • E Eco Friendly
  • R Recycled Materials
  • R Responsibly Sourced

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