Freewaters Travel Slip On - Men's Shoe

Sale $89.95
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Sale $89.95
(Save 14%)

Product Description

Freewaters Travel Slip On–Easy-to-Wear Vegan Shoes for Men

Looking for a great pair of casual athletic shoes to wear? Look no further than the fantastic Freewaters Travel Slip On that is easy on the eyes, and even easier on your feet! This athletic shoe is super-cool to wear as not only is it earth-friendly, but it also comes with various foot comfort features. The Freewaters Travel Slip On delivers stellar performance when it comes to a great walking experience. This vegan shoe is tailored to perfection with recycled breathable knit that helps maintain its breathability. The Freewaters Travel Slip On is also responsibly-sourced; it takes environmental and social factors into account when managing their relationship with suppliers and is produced via a low carbon emission process.

Not only is this stretchable athletic shoe machine-washable, but it also features an impressive thermal lining that keeps your feet warm, even without socks. The Freewaters Travel Slip On features an anti-microbial lining and flexible outsoles. While its anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections to ensure clean and healthy feet, its flexible outsoles provide impeccable road traction. You also don’t have to worry about smelly or sweaty feet when walking or running! The breathable structure of this shoe promotes aeration inside it, keeping foot odor at bay. The Freewaters Travel Slip On also features a wide toe box that gives you ample room to wiggle and move your toes. All in all, with such fantastic foot support and eco-friendly features, the Freewaters Travel Slip on is a fantastic buy!
  • Anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections to ensure healthy, clean feet
  • Breathable structure to promote aeration inside the shoe and keep foot odor at bay
  • Cushioned heels offer extra support to the rear of your feet while keeping heels soft and supple
  • Wide toe box gives you a lot of room to wiggle and move your toes
  • Flexible outsoles improve road traction


  • A Anti-Microbial
  • A Arch Support
  • B Breathable
  • C Cushioned Heel
  • F Flexible Outsole
  • M Machine Washable
  • S Stretchable
  • T Thermal Lining
  • T Tie-Less
  • W Wide Toe Box


  • E Eco Friendly
  • L Low Carbon
  • R Recycled Materials
  • R Responsibly Sourced
  • V Vegan

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