Dr.'s Remedy Caress - Cuticle Oil for Nails

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Sale $34.95
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Dr.'s Remedy Caress Cuticle Oil For Nails: Don't Sacrifice Health for Beauty

Dr.'s Remedy Caress Cuticle Oil will soften and rejuvenate dry or cracked cuticles. Keep your nails strong and pain-free with this clear nail treatment. Apply the polish on top of your cuticles nightly for results. This contains tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and wheat protein. It contains none of the common toxins found in cosmetics, so your chance of getting sick from built-up toxins is reduced. This healthy nail treatment would make a great , as well as some . Dr.'s Remedy Caress Cuticle Oil will relieve pain and embarrassment you get from dry or cracked cuticles. Merchant Note: Apply nightly around the cuticles. Can be applied with or without nail polish on nails. Features of the Dr. Remedy Caress Cuticle Oil for Nails:

  • Developed by two podiatrists whose goal was to create healthy nail products
  • Re-hydrates and revitalizes dry, cracked cuticles
  • Combines vitamins and protein aid to seal in moisture and provide nourishment to the cuticle and nail
  • Contains tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract
  • Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E to strengthens nails
  • Has wheat protein that will bind moisture and increase shine
  • Contains none of the toxins present in most American beauty products:
    • Free from formaldehyde
    • Free from toluene
    • Free from DBP (Dibutylphthalate)
  • Meets the non-toxic nail polish standards set out by the
  • Reduces your risk of getting sick from built-up toxins



  • V Vegan

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