Vegan Shoes | Cruelty Free Shoes

Everyone wears shoes, but not everyone thinks about the environmental impact of making this, seemingly, simple decision. If everyone made this simple decision with the environment in mind, collectively we can make a dramatic impact on the environment and climate change. That is where Vegan Shoes come in! Vegan shoes are made with materials that do not use ANY animal products. By eliminating ALL animal products from the manufacturing process, not only do we eliminate cruelty to animals but we also significantly reduce one of the highest producers of carbon emissions, which is the mass production of animals for the purpose of human consumption. To learn more about vegan shoes, check out our Blog article “Understanding What the Best Vegan Shoes Can Offer Our Planet"

The Responsible Choice

Now, that you have learned a little about Vegan Shoes, doesn't it just make sense to consider buying them instead of traditional shoes made with animal products? They offer two key benefits: Cruelty-Free for animals AND lower carbon emissions manufacturing process that helps our environment and reduces the devastating effects of Climate Change. Vegan Shoes have come a long way. Now, you can fill out your entire shoe collection with sandals, flats, sneakers, boots, heels, slippers, wedges, and dress shoes that are 100% vegan.

Stylish Vegan Shoes Are Here!

A person's style is a representation of their unique personality. What better way to express your commitment to environmental causes by, literally, walking the walk with Vegan Shoes? Earth Friendly Shoes has focused on bringing Sustainable and Vegan Shoes to the public by offering the widest selection of Sustainable and Vegan Shoes all in one location. We are constantly searching for high quality brands that are committed to the same mission we are. The good news is that more and more manufacturers are recognizing the value of Vegan Shoes, however, the bad news is not every manufacturer is completely upfront about their manufacturing processes and may make false or misleading claims. That is where we come in…we identify the best vegan brands on the market and bring them to you! Together with you, we believe that we are “Changing the world, one step at a time!"

Vegan Shoes: Why They are Needed

At the core of why Vegan Shoes are needed are the two primary benefits of cruelty-free for animals and good for our earth. By eliminating the need for animal products entirely, then no harm will come to any living creatures. This benefit is obvious and understood. So, why are vegan shoes good for the earth? Each year 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced. That is right, it is billion with a capital B. An average pair of running shoes during its lifecycle creates 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. If you do the math and multiply carbon dioxide emissions per shoe and number of shoes produced annually, you quickly understand the magnitude of the problem. It is enormous! To read more about the environmental impact of shoes produced, check out our Blog article, “Carbon Neutrality and Shoes are Not Mutually Exclusive From Each Other." There is a growing awareness of why vegan shoes are truly needed.

Vegan Shoes are Stylish, Comfortable and Durable

At this point, you are probably convinced that if you have a choice between Vegan Shoes and Non-Vegan Shoes, why not go with the one better for our earth. However, are Vegan Shoes Stylish, Comfortable and Durable? The simple answer is YES! Vegan Shoes can be made with materials that are similar in properties, while not using any animal products. Materials include vegan fabrics, vegan glues, vegan suede, and even vegan leather. Read our Blog article on “Cruelty-Free Kicks: The Best Materials for Vegan Leather Shoes" to learn more. If you are concerned about durability, please read our Blog article, “Will It Last: Is Vegan Leather Durable?" Both manufacturers and consumers are increasingly aware of the need for Vegan Shoes and the quality of the products and quantity of choices will continue to grow as the demand for ethical products evolves.