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What exactly are sustainable shoes? The definition of sustainability is avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Many of us try to live a sustainable lifestyle by recycling plastics or food choices or transportation decisions. Did you know that over 20 billion shoes are produced every year? If we all bought sustainable shoes, think of the environmental benefit we can have. Sustainability is more than just living in harmony with the environment. Sustainability focuses on three pillars: economic, environmental and social. The economic pillar addresses the equitable distribution of money to include creating jobs with living wages. The environmental pillar uses raw materials and processes that minimizes damage to the environment and avoiding depletion of natural resources. Finally, the social pillar addresses things such as a safe work environment and reasonable working conditions. Sustainable shoes must address these three pillars to be considered truly sustainable.

The Responsible Choice

Sustainable footwear is the responsible choice as it tries to do the right thing for all stakeholders including the environment. Sustainabile shoes offer three benefits: ecological balance, economic benefit for workers and social benefits including a safe work environment. Sustainable shoes are growing rapidly as more and more people realize they can have an impact by simply making a different choice of footwear. Sustainable shoes have moved to the mainstream with styles that include sandals, flats, sneakers, boots, heels, slippers, wedges, casual and dress shoes.

Stylish Sustainable Shoes Are Here!

A person's style is a representation of their unique personality. What better way to express your commitment to environmental causes by, literally, walking the walk with Sustainable Shoes? Earth Friendly Shoes has focused on bringing Sustainable and Vegan Shoes to the public by offering the widest selection of Sustainable and Vegan Shoes all in one location. We are constantly searching for high quality brands that are committed to the same mission we are. The good news is that more and more manufacturers are recognizing the value of Sustainable Shoes, however, the bad news is not every manufacturer is completely upfront about their manufacturing processes and may make false or misleading claims. That is where we come in…we identify the best sustainable brands on the market and bring them to you! Together with you, we believe that we are “Changing the world, one step at a time!"

Sustainable Shoes: Why They are Needed

Sustainable products produce less waste and pollution but they offer so much more. Sustainability also addresses issues such as poverty, world hunger, education, healthcare and quality of water. Every sustainable shoe produced helps, not only, our ecological environment but also helps people live better lives. Some people may think, how is my purchase of one pair of sustainable shoes really going to help? Well, the short answer is multiply that impact by 20 billion shoes produced annually and together, we can have an enormous positive impact on our planet.

Sustainable Shoes are Stylish and Comfortable

Sustainable shoes can be made with many different materials including vegan, recycled materials, biodegradable and others. With many choices of materials, manufacturers have been able to make shoes that look and feel very similar to traditional footwear that you have grown accustomed to. These shoes are both stylish and comfortable and the choices are constantly expanding. To learn more about sustainable shoes, read our blog post, “How Buying Sustainable Shoes Helps Benefit the Planet." Try a pair of sustainable footwear and make an impact on our earth.