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Ethical products are often referred to as responsibly sourced products. What does responsibly sourced actually mean? Well, it is a voluntary commitment made by companies to take environmental and social factors into account when managing relationships with suppliers. This is an important part of a companies promise to provide ethical supply chain management. Supply chain refers to all of the processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity.

What are Ethical Shoes that are Responsibly Sourced?

Historically, shoe manufacturers would contract out manufacturing to a third party supplier, often in a foreign country like China. Occasionally, these third party suppliers would have questionable business practices such as paying low wages, unsafe working conditions or force laborers to work long hours. Since the abuses happened by third party suppliers, shoe manufacturers were not overly concerned. Many shoe manufacturers have accepted responsibility of the suppliers they choose and have demanded ethical treatment of workers and materials. This trend of owning the entire supply chain has given birth to the term responsibly sourced and ethical shoes. To learn more, check out our blog article, “The Benefits of Buying Ethical Shoes That Are Responsibly Sourced."

Many new styles of Responsibly Sourced Shoes

As the world recognizes the need and benefit of ethical shoes and responsibly sourced shoes, more options have become available. Manufacturers recognize the need for ethical footwear and consumers have proven that they will buy these products. Responsibly Sourced shoes have become available in many styles including sandals, slippers, athletic shoes, sneakers, slip-ons, heels, casual, boots and dress shoes.

Finding Ethical Footwear

Ethical shoes are becoming more commonplace. Earth Friendly Shoes does the research and finds the best responsibly sourced shoes and brings them to you in a way that you can easily find the style you are looking for. Start with our product finder and refine your search using the product filter to find your perfect shoes. Once you find your desired footwear, take advantage of our free shipping, free returns, free exchanges and 100% price match guarantee, you won't be disappointed! Together, we are changing the world, one step at a time!