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Did you know that 13 million tons of clothing are discarded by Americans each year? Every day about 8 million pieces of plastic pollution make their way into our oceans. Only 9% of all plastic end up being recycled. With so much waste polluting our oceans and piling up in landfills, there must be something we can do. There is! Many companies have recognized the problem and have started to manufacture products using materials that have been recycled. By reusing materials, we are able to keep waste from our oceans and landfills.

What are Shoes Made From Recycled Materials?

Footwear manufacturers have realized that making shoes from recycled materials is not only good for the planet but it's good business. Since most of us already recycle paper and plastics in our homes, we recognize the benefits of recycling. So, why not manufacture shoes made from recycled materials? We should, and we do! An increasing number of manufacturers are using recycled materials including from plastic water bottles, discarded plastic fishing nets and recycled fabrics. The shoe bottoms are being made from recycled cotton, rubber, cork and nets. Finally, shoe manufacturers are looking at packaging and using recycled paper and plastics for the shoe boxes. Shoes using recycled materials has grown rapidly over the years and has now become much more common. To learn more, check out our blog article “How Circular Fashion Helps Create Shoes From Recycled Materials"

Many new styles of Recycled Material Shoes

As the world recognizes the need and benefit of shoes made from recycled materials, more options have become available. Manufacturers recognize the need for recycled materials footwear and consumers have proven that they will buy these products. Shoes made from recycled materials have become available in many styles including sandals, slippers, athletic shoes, sneakers, slip-ons, heels, casual, boots and dress shoes.

Finding Footwear Made From Recycled Materials

Recycled material shoes are becoming more commonplace. Earth Friendly Shoes does the research and finds the best recycled material shoes and brings them to you in a way that you can easily find the style you are looking for. Start with our product finder and refine your search using the product filter to find your perfect shoes. Once you find your desired footwear, take advantage of our free shipping, free returns, free exchanges and 100% price match guarantee, you won't be disappointed! Together, we are changing the world, one step at a time!