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Did you know that 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions are created over the lifecycle of an average pair of running shoes? With over 20 billion pairs of shoes being produced every year, that is a lot of carbon contributing to green house gases. We hear a lot about companies talking about carbon neutrality, so, what exactly does that mean? Carbon neutrality means that carbon emissions used to make the product have been balanced out. This can be achieved by minimizing carbon emissions AND offsetting the same amount of emissions through environmental projects.

What are Shoes Made From Recycled Materials?

The footwear lifecycle is made up of five stages: materials, manufacturing, use, transportation and demise. A study found that the majority of carbon emission was produced in the first two stages. More than two thirds of shoe's carbon impact can be traced to these first two stages. Carbon neutral shoes are largely made with low carbon producing materials and manufacturing processes that lower emission, such as utilizing clean energy instead of coal. Shoe manufacturers use carbon offsetts to invest in environmental projects that help reduce future emissions. These projects can vary from planting trees to wind turbine projects and many others. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality which results in no harm to our planet. To learn more, check out our blog article “Carbon Neutrality And Shoes Are Not Mutually Exclusive From Each Other."

Expanding number of styles of Carbon Neutral Shoes

As the world recognizes the need and benefit of carbon neutral shoes, more options become available. Both consumers and manufacturers must recognize the need for carbon neutral footwear. Consumers must demand more environmental solutions including the everyday products they buy, such as shoes. Once manufacturers recognize that there is a consumer demand for the environmentally friendly products, invariably they will design and manufacture them. Carbon Neutral shoes have become available in many styles including sandals, slippers, athletic shoes, sneakers, slip-ons, heels, casual, boots and dress shoes.

Where do I find Carbon Neutral Shoes?

Carbon Neutral shoe manufacturers can be hard to find. Earth Friendly Shoes does the research and finds the best carbon neutral shoes and brings them to you in a way that you can easily find the style you are looking for. Start with our product finder and refine your search using the product filter to find your perfect shoes. Once you find your desired footwear, take advantage of our free shipping, free returns, free exchanges and 100% price match guarantee, you won't be disappointed! Together, we are changing the world, one step at a time!