Vegan Dress Shoes Buyer's Guide

What if you could combine style and sustainability? Vegan dress shoes are a great way to stay stylish while showing your support for the planet. On top of that, these shoes are all the rage, and there's no better time to grab your own pair!

How will you know what to shop for, though? Easy: we've put together a vegan dress shoes buyer's guide to help you out!

Colors and Styles

The idea of shopping for an entirely new kind of shoe may feel a bit intimidating. Fortunately, we've got some good news for prospective shoe shoppers! Aside from the material they are made of, vegan dress shoes are similar to the shoes you've worn your entire life. That means you can select from the same kinds of colors and styles that you've always worn from in a sustainable and cruelty-free way. For example, men who prefer Oxfords or Brogues can find vegan versions of these shoes. In that way, it's easy to replace most (if not all) of your shoe selection with vegan shoes. Alternatively, you can use this as a chance to experiment with different shoe styles.

Blend In, Stand Out, or Chill Out

Before shopping for vegan shoes, you need to make an important decision. Do you want to blend in or stand out with your footwear? Vegan shoes are available in a wide variety of colors or styles. If you need conservative colors like black and brown for work or formal events, it's easy to find what you need. Of course, you can also find bolder colors out there. If you need red shoes to make that red dress pop, vegan shoes have you covered. But what about when the fancy event is over? Vegan shoe options aren't limited to dress shoes. There are plenty of vegan sandals and slippers that help make each step more comfortable!

Understanding Vegan Leather

To really understand vegan footwear, you need to understand vegan leather. That's because this material has been the cornerstone of the rising trend in vegan dress shoes. What, then, is "vegan leather?" In reality, this is a catchall term for many different materials that can be used as a substitute for traditional leather. There are vegan shoes out there with materials made from mushrooms, coconuts, pineapple leaves, and much more. As vegan shoes become more popular, more and more manufacturers are trying their hands at doing something new. And that makes it a great time to be a consumer. You can experiment with different vegan leather shoes made of different materials to discover what is most comfortable. On top of that, you have more options than you ever did before with traditional leather!

Check the Symbols and Label

We've gone over the different materials and potential of vegan leather. How, though, can you check what a pair of shoes is really made of? One way is to check the product descriptions and labels on the shoe. If you see a picture of an animal hide, then the shoe is not vegan. But if you see a woven pattern, that means the shoe was made using some kind of natural or synthetic fibers. Beyond the diagram label, many shoes come with other labels that specify how they were made. If such a label tells you a shoe was entirely man-made, or entirely synthetic, then you are looking at a vegan shoe. A final way to check whether shoes are vegan or not is to contact the company and ask. At that point, though, you'd be better off simply working with a specialty company.

A Reliable Vendor

When you need a good pair of shoes, do you go to a general store or a specialty company? Most would agree that you'll find the best shoes at a store that focuses primarily on shoes. Let's take that logic a step further. Where are you likeliest to find the best vegan shoes and other sustainable footwear? Through a company that specializes in Earth-friendly shoes. With a reliable vegan shoes vendor, you know that you're getting the very best in sustainable footwear. Even better, going through such a vendor saves a lot of time versus manually inspecting every shoe on the shelf until you find a vegan shoe.

Vegan Shoe Materials

Earlier, we talked about the vastly different ingredients that vegan leather might be made of. Before you go shoe shopping, though, it's important to familiarize yourself with some of the industry lingo surrounding the vegan shoe industry. You may be familiar with pleather, which is a traditional substitute for leather. This is made from PVC and makes for a very reliable shoe. Cork is environmentally sourced and environmentally-friendly. It also weighs very little and breathes very easily, making it a comfortable shoe for any occasion.

Hemp is a great material, and it also takes to color very well. If you want a very colorful vegan shoe, hemp is a great choice. Jute is a material made from jute plants. Shoes made from this have three important qualities: they are comfortable, breathable, and very affordable! Finally, microfiber shoes are very resistant to water. If you're worried about the rain, these vegan shoes can help you rest easy.

Vegan Shoe Care and Maintenance

How do you care for and maintain your vegan shoes? Exact instructions may vary by material, but here are a few tips that work well for all vegan shoes. First, watch out for salt stains. If you see these on your shoes, a little water and vinegar will remove them.

Second, be careful where you store your vegan shoes. They should be somewhere free of sunlight and humidity.

Third, put newspaper or tissue in your shoes when you're not wearing them. This helps them maintain their shape.

Finally, don't be afraid to visit a cobbler for more serious repairs. But this won't happen often: vegan shoes are typically sturdier than leather shoes!

Where to Find the Best Vegan Dress Shoes

Now you know how to shop for vegan dress shoes. But do you know who can deliver the best vegan shoes right to your door? We specialize in sustainable shoes, including a wide array of vegan shoes for men and women. To view a wide variety of sustainable and vegan shoes, contact us today!