Protect Animal Welfare by Wearing Sustainable Shoes

Caring for the environment is more than just a thought - it's also a way of life.

If you're concerned about issues like animal welfare, did you know that the type of shoes you wear can have an impact on this important issue?\

From vegan shoes to sustainable footwear practices, read on to learn more about how your footwear can affect animals and their well-being.

Fashion and Our Ecosystem

The earth depends on interconnected systems that rely on clean air, soil, and water in order for the environment to thrive. Unfortunately, some fashion manufacturers use dangerous practices that can cause serious, irreparable harm to the environment.

Toxic chemicals and an overabundance of waste can have a profound effect on the ecosystem. which can kill anima\l and plant life. Brands that create "fast fashion" products are particularly known for their disregard in respect to the volume of waste and harmful processes that they create.

By choosing items like carbon-neutral shoes, you're giving your hard-earned money to brands that actually care about our planet. These shoes are made in clean factories, and they often use recycled materials rather than creating more waste.

Look for companies that utilize sustainable footwear practices and that have pledged to work toward a cleaner, greener world. When you give money and support brands like this, it shows that there's a real demand for this type of footwear and other fashion items.

Animal welfare is about much more than just taking care of our pets or wildlife. It's also deeply connected to how we treat the world around us. When the environment suffers, so does wildlife, who heavily depend on clean air, water, and food in order to survive.

Animal Welfare and Leather

You may think of leather as something that comes from cows, but the reality is that this material is also harvested from a range of other species, too. Animals like ostriches, sheep, alligators, and many others are killed annually to make leather products.

If you're concerned about the cruelty of leather and what it involves, consider buying vegan leather shoes instead. This option has the same look and feels like real leather, but it's made from sustainable materials that don't harm animals in the process.

In addition to the fact that vegan leather shoes are cruelty-free, they also take less energy to produce. This reduces the negative impact on the environment and offers consumers products that are made using much safer and more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Real leather shoes require a range of harmful chemicals to process and make them. Ingredients like formaldehyde, oils, and synthetic dyes and finishes are often utilized to make these shoes soft and beautiful.

Buying real leather products contributes to wastewater that contains all of these toxic chemicals. Once these materials enter our waterways, it can have devastating effects that may take a lifetime to remedy.

Opting to buy and wear vegan leather shoes can also help keep the soil and air clean, too. Thanks to better practices, buying this footwear means you're making a small yet profound contribution to ensuring a cleaner ecosystem for the animals that live in it.

Helping Animals One Pair of Shoes at a Time

Aside from vegan materials, there are other reasons why choosing sustainable shoes can improve animal welfare. Look for brands that don't use any form of animal sources including wool, down feathers, silk, or suede.

Footwear comprised of recycled materials is a great alternative to mass-produced shoes that come from a factory overseas or from those that use animals to make their products. Utilizing the materials already available to us reduces waste and helps to contribute to a cleaner ecosystem for all.

Some shoe brands even offer biodegradable options as well. This means that once you're finished with your shoes, they will naturally degrade without sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years, which can cause serious harm to animals and plants.

Choosing sustainable shoes helps to reduce your carbon footprint, too. Smog, chemicals, and waste are just some of the dangers that can cause serious harm to wildlife. The more carbon that gets released into the atmosphere, the faster the planet warms.

Keep an eye out for companies that partner with suppliers who keep environmentally friendly practices in focus. Many brands will plant trees for every pair of shoes purchased or continue to educate people about the harm that buying certain products can cause.

Some brands use carbon offsets to help balance the damage done to the environment. These carbon credits can help to support things like rainforests, wildlife preserves, and other ecosystems where animals thrive.

While you might not think that the shoes you wear have an impact on animal welfare, the truth is, every item we purchase impacts the environment in some way. By choosing to wear sustainable shoes, you're helping to promote better processes and a better environment for generations to come.

Making a Difference

Animal welfare is just one aspect of choosing more sustainable products, but it's an important one that everyone should consider. By choosing to buy shoes that are made using more sustainable manufacturing processes, you're making a difference in the lives of animals all over the globe.

Look for shoes that are vegan, biodegradable, or made from recycled materials so you can help protect the animals that share our planet. To shop our latest selection of sustainable and vegan shoes, browse our website or contact us to learn more.
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