9 Occasions to Wear Your Vegan Boots

From 2017 to 2018, internet searches for "vegan fashion" increased by nearly 40%. As people around the world become more eco-conscious, the vegan lifestyle is gaining steam, and this extends to clothing choices.

Did you recently purchase a great pair of vegan boots? If so, it's time to reveal them to the world! Vegan leather is every bit as rich, supple, and eye-catching as its counterpart, and you deserve to show off your investment.

Today, we're sharing nine occasions that are perfectly appropriate to rock your new footwear. The best part? Any time your boots spark interest, you can use that opportunity to share more about why you chose vegan and the difference it can have on our environment.

  1. The Office
Some workplace settings are stricter than others when it comes to the type of footwear allowed. For instance, warehouse workers are often required to wear steel-toe boots to protect their feet from heavy objects and machinery. However, if you're in a corporate office setting, boots are usually permitted. You can easily dress up a great pair of vegan ankle boots by pairing them with slacks and a smart top. In warmer months, shorter boots look great with long skirts and lightweight blouses, while taller, sturdier options are perfect for winter.

Looking for a sensible, comfortable option that's ideal for everyday wear? Start with our Arcopedico L 19 vegan zipper boot. Completely devoid of animal products, these orthopedic boots are machine-washable, stretchable, and lined with an innovative anti-microbial material. They'll instantly become your new favorites.

  1. A Wedding
The summer is an especially busy time for weddings, with 80% of weddings occurring between May and October. Looking for the perfect shoes to pair with your formal event dress? Vegan boots are an unexpected but gorgeous accessory. Plus, the stability they add makes it easier than ever to shimmy the night away on the dance floor!

  1. A Long Walk
Great-quality footwear is a must when you're heading out for a long walk. You need a pair of boots that can support your feet and stand up to the elements without leaving unwanted blisters later. If you love meandering down trails or simply walking around the office on your lunch break, our Arcopedico Luana boots are ideal.

These sensible, flat-heeled boots feature a seamless, stretchable interior, combined with flexible outsoles that provide excellent road traction. In addition, their contoured footbed offers ultra-comfortable, gel-like cushioning that makes any walk feel like one in the clouds.

  1. Running Errands
From the grocery store to the local coffee shop, there are myriad places around town that you tend to frequent. That's a lot of running around, and you need a pair of boots that are up to the task. Look for a vegan pair that feature a low heel, comfortable insoles, and arch support so you can travel around town for hours without pain. While you're waiting on your iced mocha latte, strike up a conversation with your barista about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle!

  1. A Night Out with Friends
Everyone needs a night out every once in a while!

The next time you head out with a group of friends, slip on your vegan boots to add instant flair to any outfit. To stand out, look for ones that include special details, such as our Arcopedico Net 8 vegan knit boots. These ankle boots offer the ultimate in orthopedic style. With key features that include cushy, soft uppers, contoured footbeds, cushioned heels, and shock absorption, you'll never want to take them off. Available in black, grey, or taupe, these boots also showcase a delicate knit pattern for a subtle dose of style.

  1. A Picnic
There's nothing like dining alfresco, where you can connect with nature while enjoying a delicious meal. You might take your picnic to the park, where the kids can play on a nearby playground. Or, you may prefer picnicking in a more romantic setting, such as a local garden, with your significant other! Either way, your vegan boots are perfect. Not only can they help you walk to the picnic site with ease, but they're also easy to slip off. This way, you can wiggle your toes in the grass and relish the great outdoors while you nibble and sip.

  1. A Date Night
Gearing up for a long-overdue date night? You can easily dress your boots up with the right ensemble. Take the Arcopedico L8 vegan boots, for instance. Available in six different colors, these are an ultra-chic addition to your wardrobe and a natural pick for any special occasion.

The Arcopedico L8s are tie-less boots, giving them a streamlined look you'll adore. They also feature the same comfort-focused features that our other boots provide, such as cushioned heels, contoured footbeds, and arch supports.

  1. A Kid's Event
It isn't easy keeping up with the kids as they run, bounce, and slide all around you! That's why it pays to invest in a pair of boots that can keep pace. Vegan boots aren't only stylish, but they're also exceedingly cozy and comfortable. You'll love wearing them to any park, museum, or school field trip. They also make the perfect footwear for any backyard playdate with friends!

  1. A Ballgame
Nothing says "summer" quite like an evening at the ballfield. Yet, it's no secret that walking into the stadium and up the long rows of bleachers can be quite the feat. Your vegan boots are a great choice when you're ready to root on your favorite team. Pair them with your most worn-in jeans and a simple t-shirt, and you've got a laidback look that you can turn to time and again.

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