Acorn Camden Clog - Women's Slipper

Sale $74.95
(Save 12%)
Sale $74.95
(Save 12%)

Product Description

Acorn Camden Clog - Comfortable Textured Clogs for Women

The Acorn Camden Clog is an extremely earth-friendly shoe that ensures to fulfill all your footwear needs. This fantastic shoe is stitched to perfection with post-consumer recycled yarns and is also sustainably certified, attempting to promote a more sustainable planet. Since this amazing slip-on is machine-washable, you don't have to worry about getting it dirty. Moreover, while its flexible outsoles help improve road traction, its soft uppers protect your skin from footwear abrasions and offer cushion-soft padding.

The Acorn Camden Clog features great contoured footbed that offer gel-like cushioning to your feet, maximizing footwear comfort. This pair of clogs also comes with a thermal lining that adjusts the temperature within the shoe, while its tie-less feature allows you to conveniently wear and take the shoe off. Amongst other footwear features, the Acorn Camden Clog comes with amazing arch supports that not only provide your feet with improved cushioning, but also prevent the chances of flat feet. Considering its pleasing aesthetics and undeniably comfortable foot support features, you can assure that the Acorn Camden Clog won't disappoint!

  • Arch supports provide improved cushioning and prevent the chances of flat feet
  • Contoured footbed offer gel-like cushioning to maximize footwear comfort
  • Flexible outsoles improve road traction
  • Soft uppers protect your skin from footwear abrasions and offer cushion-soft padding


  • A Arch Support
  • C Contoured Footbed
  • F Flexible Outsole
  • M Machine Washable
  • N Non-Marking Sole
  • O Open-Back
  • S Soft Uppers
  • T Thermal Lining
  • T Tie-Less


  • R Recycled Materials
  • S Sustainably Certified

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