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Our Story

One evening at dinner, our family was discussing the earth, climate change and how much man has contributed to the problem. My teenage kids asked me what I was doing to help solve the problem. As I struggled to answer the question, I realized that I wasn't really doing much to leave the planet in a better place. Over the coming weeks, the question my kids raised weighed heavy on my mind. Having been in the footwear business since 2014, I started investigating earth friendly shoes that did not harm our planet and struggled to find a source that provided and promoted a large selection of earth friendly shoes. Knowing that billions of shoes are worn and replaced every year, I wanted to help reduce the damage to our environment. I thought to myself that I can help solve this problem by promoting Vegan, Sustainable, Recycled, Responsibly Sourced, Biodegradable, Carbon Neutral and Eco Friendly footwear in a single online shoe store. And just like was born!

Our Mission was born to provide the largest selection of footwear to people who recognize that doing good things for themselves and the planet do not have to be mutually exclusive. recognizes that helping the planet may not mean the same to every individual. That is why we are providing a wide variety of footwear with various earth friendly sustainable features, such as Vegan, Recycled, Responsibly Sourced, Carbon Neutral, Sustainable, Biodegradable and Eco Friendly footwear. The website has been designed in such a way, that depending on your motivation, you can find the right pair of shoes that is good for the planet. In addition to having the largest selection of earth friendly shoes, our mission is to provide the best customer service including Free Shipping, Free Returns, Free Exchanges and 100% Price Match Guarantee. Doing good things for yourself and the planet, doesn't need to be difficult or expensive. Together, we are....changing the world, one step at a time!