5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Eco-Friendly Shoes

It is time to urgently combat climate change and protect the environment. The summer in the Northern Hemisphere was the hottest on record. Hurricanes are growing stronger and making landfall with more frequency. Wildfires are raging at unprecedented levels on the West Coast.

While you are not responsible for these trends, you can still do your part to help the environment. Most people are turning to electric cars and green appliances. You can even buy eco-friendly shoes to shrink your carbon footprint further. Read on to learn all about sustainable shoes. Explore 5 mistakes to avoid when buying your next pair of eco-friendly shoes.

1) Buying Shoes That Are Not Biodegradeable

Did you know that it could take up to 80 years for rubber soles to decompose? This means that your sneakers will still be rotting in a landfill when you are a great grandparent.

Biodegradable shoes use natural materials. This allows the shoe to decompose quickly and without any harmful effects on the environment.

2) Selecting Shoes That Emit Carbon Dioxide

Most people think of cars and airplanes when they think of carbon dioxide emissions. However, your shoes produce harmful emissions as well. In fact, your running shoes produce over 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in a lifetime.

With billions of shoes flooding the Earth, the impact on climate change is significant.You can change this by purchasing carbon neutral footwear. This is achieved by companies that use the right materials and manufacturing processes.

3) Avoid Unethical Supply Chains

This step requires a little research on the consumer's end. Some companies do the right things for the environment in-house but look the other way when outsourcing. Finding an eco-friendly product requires responsible sourcing. Make sure that you buy from a company that is committed to using an ethical supply chain.

4) Failing to Use Recycled Materials

Every year, tens of millions of shoes and clothing are discarded. This creates pollution that negatively affects our landfills and ends up in our oceans. You can help the environment by purchasing shoes made from recycled materials.

Today's shoes can be manufactured using plastic bottles, recycled fabrics, and discarded fishing nets. Even the soles of your shoes can be made with recycled rubber, cotton, and corks. The most eco-friendly companies use recycled materials for shipping and handling as well.

5) Purchase Uncertified Shoes

One of the easiest ways to avoid a mistake is buying shoes with a sustainability certification. Sustainability means using recycled materials so you do not deplete the Earth's natural resources.

A company with sustainability certification also uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Sustainability also extends to the workplace. It means that a company provides a safe work environment and a living wage for its workers.

Buying Eco-Friendly Shoes Is Possible

When trying to help the environment, you should review every facet of your life. This includes what shoes you wear to work or for athletic purposes.

You can have a positive impact on the environment by avoiding mistakes during the purchasing process. If you need help finding eco-friendly shoes, contact us today to find the right pair.